Please note: The sides of the dice are not randomized. The die rolls with the exact same behaviour as a 3D die! If you can picture that in your head, some puzzles will be easier.

Raymond Diceworths was a gambler, and not a good one. Every week after payday, he'd go to the local casino and gamble away his loosely-held money. One fateful day, he was sure he would win this time, so sure that he bet he would simply become a die if he lost! He lost drastically, and ended up biting his words, for his pride had cursed him. Dooming the lustful gambler to push his fellow dice around as a cursed die himself, roaming the board for all of eternity.

Experience the fate of Raymond Diceworths in the game with the same name!


  • WASD/arrow keys - move
  • Shift - undo
  • Esc - return to level select
  • R - restart level


Download 21 MB
Download 34 MB
Download 22 MB

Install instructions

Download the Zip file for your platform, then extract the zip file into a folder, then run the executable file!

Please note that Mac and Linux builds are untested.

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